Clothing manufacturing and design company

TRINITY CIRCLE is a fashion and garments oriented company est. in 2019 founded by Mr. SHAHABUDDIN SAIFI. In its short spam of time it has grown exponentially with big turnover. Trinity Circle has worked alongside fashion and entertainment industry providing fabric / textile , garments , designing and styling to numerous brands , startups , movies , web series, celebrities and fashion shows. Trinity Circle has the infrastructure of 1000 sqft office space with 24 machineries and 35 employees, segregated as Designing team and production team. Designing team consists of a team of designers assigned to do creative thinking and development , high fashion Karigars and all rounder masters to create any and every design which comes across. Production team consist of efficient karigars and bulk cutting masters for chain system speedily production. There is a separate QC and follow up team for minimal errors and better communication with the client. Trinity Circle also has its own Label by the name of TRIENE for high fashion and commercial market.


TEXTILE - Comfortable, fun, unique and experimental
DESIGNS - A mix of Avantgarde and pret-a-porter
PRODUCTION - A team of efficient and all rounder Karigars
RETAIL - Timely deliveries of widely accepted designs with a twist
BRAND - High fashion celebrity styled wardrobe
Franchise - Growth opportunity with us

Textile and fabric

Trinity Circle has its own tie ups in fabric manufacturing, fulfilling all your fabric needs with best quality and reasonable price. We supply fabrics to designers , manufacturing companies , stand alone and high fashion brands. We value time and business ethics, this is the reason we keep ready stock of various types of fabrics in trend setting color varieties. Currently we are suppling Khadi , Organic fabric , Jute fabric , Vegetable dyed fabric , 100% Cotton woven yarn dyed fabric, hand woven, Linen, cotton linen and alternate pick linen fabric , satin lycra , rayon , printed rayon ,100% cotton single jersey , jersey Lycra knit , mercerized knit , 100% cotton matty , poly mix matty , grindle , yarn dyed , mélange ,interlock , faux , faux fur ,dobby , coated , Knit net , Lace fabric , polyester for athleisure , polyester mélange ,polyester matty , polyester mesh , Nylon , Printed nylon , all kinds digital printed fabrics , made to order fabrics and personalized printed fabrics. We don’t work with specific specialty instead our specialty is to provide you the best fabric suited for your design keeping in mind geographic and environmental needs and fall and feel of the design and also the market catered to

Marketing is not about product but the story you tell

Trinity Circle has its own design team to help you built up your brand. Creating a brand is not just about creating garments, its about story you knit around it. With the help of our designing and creative team of Niftians, we shape up your brand as per your requirements, building brand Guide ,providing direction , Mood , look and color of each season collection in coordination with forecast. We create graphics for you which you will have solo rights for , design your logo and its application as branding , design your labels , tags , promotional tapes and other accessories in accordance to the brand image which will help you to have consistency across your collection and customer can easily relate and recognize your brand. We create banners , posters , promotional announcements for your print and digital media for maximum crowd attraction and likeability. We provide you season by season forecast for silhouettes, color and fabric choices. Not only digital , we help you materialize on it , by helping you printing or embellishing your graphics with right technique – Screen printing , digital printing , machine embroidery , hand embroidery , tie dye or Over dye

You are educated when you know how to Learn

We help you Launch and revamp your brand in the market for better profitability as per the changing times. With SWOT analysis and competition analysis we provide you a perfect mix of unique yet acceptable brand direction.. Consulting with expert NIFT alumni buyers and IIM business experts we come up with a plan for your brand to impact the market from the day of its launch. Providing you with buy plan , target investment and profitable platforms, we will be hand holding your brand all along. We will help you in presentations and business proposals for different business partners and supporters. We will also create content , tag lines and motto of the brand, All in all we will help you in image building and earning from it Guiding you where to save and where to spend and timeline loop.

Why Trinity Circle?

Because we are Badass
Because we will challenge you
Because we know what is at stake
Because we care
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